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1965' AC Cobra

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Published 22 October 2023
Updated 5 June 2024
ID: Rz9rtn

Information from the owner

Body: Convertible
Age: 59 years
Mileage: 89000 km
Displacement: 7000 cc
Transmission: Manual

Seller's comments about 1965' AC Cobra

Year of production 1965
Capacity 7000 cm3
Power 380 HP
Mileage 1500 km
Manual gearbox
Once again, we have the pleasure of hosting a very well-built Shelby Cobra at Auto-Classic. This copy deserves special attention because it is one of the most beautiful replicas we have imported. The car was assembled at Factory Five in 2004. They were built practically 1:1 to the original AC Cobra design. The body, body parts and interior of the car are a reflection of the cars that came out of Carroll Shelby's workshop. Just like the 7.0l engine, generating 380 HP. Additionally, over the last dozen or so years, the AC Cobra has only traveled 1,500 miles. We had the opportunity to meet the only owner of the car in the United States who placed an order for this copy and provided us with all the documentation. To sum up, the condition of the car is very good, it looks like new after leaving the showroom. Interested people are invited to a live inspection.
Auto-Classic SC Krystian and Alicja Mozdoń

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