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1964' Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

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  • 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in Derbyshire, the World
  • 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in Derbyshire, the World
  • 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in Derbyshire, the World
  • 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in Derbyshire, the World
  • 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in Derbyshire, the World
Exterior color: Blue
Electronics: AM/FM Radio

The car will be at Silverstone classic 2019 last weekend in july..

I am selling my Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in the UK this
summer. I have owned it for 20 years now.
I will drive it over to the UK this summer to sell it there. The plan is to bring it to some classic car events. RHD cars are not so popular here in Norway, just as it is with LHD cars in the UK.
This is a rare car, as it is painted in silver and has blue leather interior.
It’s one of 596 RHD Sprints produced of 6999 in total. So how many are there left on the roads now? I don't know… It’s a 1964 mod which was the first year the Sprint was delivered with disk brakes on all wheels, and they are huge too!
This car was imported from the UK, to Norway back in the early 90’s and got plates on here in 1994. I'm the 3rd owner here in Norway.

Alfa Romeo historian and author, Pat Braden, wrote about the 2600 Sprint in his book; “The Alfa Romeo Owner’s Bible”, calling it “A true grand touring car. Capable of covering long distances, reliably without tiring driver or passenger” and saying “If you simply must have a classic 6-cylinder Alfa, this is probably the model to buy. The 2600 is the most bulletproof Alfa of all time, according to an Alfa engineer who knows such things…” Today, Sprints are rare and are welcome additions to any gathering of 6C 2500 Alfas, as they represent the last of the great 6C Gran Turismo lineage.

But unfortunately, it’s time to let it go to a new owner now… This is a drivers car, that's in good technical condition.
paint is not the best.
It has been parked in my garage for a long time, but last year I got on the plates again, after having done a lot with it to get it up and running again.
The car was parked for years because the engine had bad compression, but soem years back I started the job fixing it.
Here is a list of what has been done with the car last years:

- Engine head has been overhauled, with new valve guides, and valve/seat job, headgasket and light porting and port matching.
- New cylinder sleeves and piston rings, so the compression is good as new.
- Overhauled carburetor's and tuned them good.
- Checked bearings. Cleaned engine and new gaskets (has good oilpressure).
- Acid cleaned radiator, and repaired.
- New 123 electronic distributor, oil and water temp sensor.
- New coil, spark plugs and cables.
- All new rubber cooling hoses.
- Repaired heater valve, and gone over both interior fans.
- Mounted electric radiator fan and thermostat, so no cooling issues.
- Gone over generator, new bearings and belt.
- Repaired rust hole in gas tank.
- New gas pump, and gasoline pipe all the way. New gas filter and hoses to carburetors.
- All new brake lines and hoses.
- Overhauled master brake cyl, and clutch master and slave cyl.
- All new brake shoes.
- New suspension all corners, adjustable KONI in front.
- Some new bushings around the car.
- New steering rubber donut and drive shaft donut.
- 4 new Pirelli Cinturato tires, 165HR400 on newly powder coated wheels, and new caps.
- New classic look radio.
- New carpets.
- installed new classic seat belts, on silver, matching the cars color
- New rubber around the doors.
- New battery and cut-off switch.
- All oils and fluids are changed.
- All grease points gone over.

Here is a list of what has been done with the car previous to last year:
- The front seats and door handles got new leather.
- Brake calipers were overhauled, with new pistons and seals and brake disks were milled.
- New springs in all corners were ordered on my spec from Leda suspension (little harder springs and little lower).
- The grill was chromed, so looks OK now.
- The front passenger and driver floor were changed
- New stainless steal exhaust system.
- And all other small things that have been checked, changed and/or overhauled in my ownership, but has been forgotten when writing this list.
Now the car functions as it should.
All electric is working, except the electric heater for the rear window.
The cars pulls good and sounds really goood?

Not A perfect car but a nice useable car :)

the price i set on for sale, and bacause UK buyers need to pay VAT on it i assume?

Gone through Norwegian EU control last year in Norway, the same as MOT inspection in the UK.

some Extra pictures of the car and what has been done is her on this link..

- details above

it seems like the picture link does not show, if so send me an e- mail and i will send you the link.. (140 pictures of the car, the work done and close up of details and so on.
and to explain the word " the bad paint"

Please do not hesitate to contact me on my email.
open for bids..
the clock says 86600 miles


Sigbjorn Eskeland
Stavanger, Norway

  • Derbyshire
  • 10 July 2019
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