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1928' Austin Austin 7 7 Sports

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  • 1928 Austin Austin 7 7 Sports in United Kingdom
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Body: Sports Car

Austin Sevens are deservedly popular and this lovely 1928 fabric bodied two seater is a good example of why they have such a strong following. It has chassis number 63538 with engine number 149448 and is believed to be a modified Taylor Sports.

The file includes an undated invoice from expert Don Rawson for an engine rebuild with honed bores and new pistons and one from specialist Andrew Bird for a rebuilt gearbox plus there is 2018 bill from GJ upholstery for a new hood and hood bag. There is also a Vintage Sports car Club Eligibility Document dated 2018 plus a copy of earlier VSCC document dated 1997 and there are several MoT certificates going back to 1989. 

The car gives the impression that it has been in regular use and whilst it is not in immaculate concours winning condition it is smart and feels very well put together. The sweet sounding engine has an SU carburettor and a four branch exhaust so the car goes well. The three speed gearbox is fine with no unpleasant noises in the transmission, the steering is taut with no vagueness or wandering, the upgraded hydraulic brakes are very good and the body is very sound so all in all it is a real pleasure to drive.

If you are new to Austin 7s, any 7 owner will tell you just how good these little cars are and how much fun they are to drive. They will also tell you about the wide range of specials that cheerfully co-exist in the various clubs with original factory built cars and the ready availability of a wide range of sensibly priced spares from specialist suppliers who know their subject and can advise exactly you what bits you need for whatever job you are doing.

They will also tell you about the remarkable development potential of Austin 7s and just how fast you can make them go if you so desire. In addition there are lots of Austin 7 activities from regular club meetings to rallies, trials, hill climbs and circuit racing if the urge takes you.

All of this comes with a car you can buy at a very affordable price and keep in your garden shed if you are short of space – what more could you want?