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1957' Chevrolet Corvette

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Body: Convertible
Mileage: 101826 km
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Red
Electronics: AM/FM Radio

Its not hard to find people who appreciate the first-generation Corvette, but this one transcends the casual enthusiasts to speak right to the hearts of the true collectors. This 1957 Chevrolet Corvette has been deemed superior by earning an NCRS Top Flight award in 2011, and we have an appraiser report documenting that this one continues to be a high-class high-quality example. So look over everything from the dual-quad V8 to the two-tone inside and out, and youll see that this classic has been restored to remain a showpiece. The 57 Corvette represents the most iconic look of the first generation. It has the single headlight design, rounded rear fenders with a hint of tailfin, and exhaust tips tastefully mounted out of the rear bodywork - thats all part of that original style we love from the first years. But the Corvette also evolved by 1957. It was a sleeker design with side coves, and you could really show them off with the two-tone. And that toothy grille got even brighter. Its this advancement of the original icon that makes the car so special, and exactly why it received an expert restoration in time for its Top Flight award. They took their time applying the glossy Venetian Red and the result is a deep shine that loves to highlight all those iconic curves. The correct beige inserts are one of the most tasteful ways to have a two-tone. In fact, we like the way the like-new beige convertible top harmonizes with the insert color. Its all part of a 1957-correct style that makes this one award-worthy. As much as we like the way the roof looks, the real treat is when you fold it back and out of the way to look like a true roadster. The red bucket seat interior matches the exterior color to give this convertible an almost seamless appearance in the sunshine. And we love the way the exterior beg returns to break up this sea of red on the dash, doors, and steering column. This is a beautifully detailed time capsule with a fresh style on everything, including the textured door panels, correct trunk mat, and working AM radio. And youll love how the under dash lights still greet you when you open the door. And while this one looks spectacular, under bright showroom/garage lights, youll also make sure you get out and drive it. After all, the steering wheel has that great thin/grippy feel that only came on the right cars of this era. And the gauge package has a race-ready feel with the tach prominently in the center of the dash. When you first peek under the hood, you can tell a top-flight condition is still present on this motor with such a highly correct appearance on the Corvette script valve covers, hoses, decals, and rams horn exhaust. The 283 cubic-inch V8 is the year-correct block that shows all the right signs of being the original powerhouse. And those two air grabbers on top tell you this has the factory-style dual four-barrel carburetors for a solid power package. The Powerglide transmission is also correct spec and believed to be original to the car. As you look underneath, there is more of this time capsule style, right down to details like the stamping on the driveshaft and leather sway straps on the rear suspension. So if you are looking for a driving experience that turns back the clock, you know this is the best one to do it. The sale comes complete with the owners manual, restoration receipts, and NCRS Top Flight award. This is the beautifully restored C1 thats ready to turn your garage into a 1957 Chevy showroom. If you demand the best, call today!

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  • Georgia
  • 21 September 2022