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1964' Fiat 1300

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Body: Sedan
Age: 59 years

Fiat 1300. Originally sold in Spain, imported in 1964 from Italy. Its first owner was a military man, acquiring it after a few years, the family that currently owns the vehicle to date
The bottom of the car is perfect and healthy, the body has several fins to repair and clean up the bottom of the right rear door. It needs to be completely painted to make it perfect. It has been kept very original because there are very few repainted parts in 58 years of the car.
The mechanics work very well, a car well maintained by the property. The clutch has is the mechanical part that can have 30% of its use left. The gearbox, and the shift works perfectly. The brakes in the last TUV gave their correct parameters.
The interior is very well preserved and cared for originally, both the roof, the dashboard without any cracks, as well as the upholstery of the seats and the carpets on the floors. It maintains its old smell.
On the road, the steering and suspensions works correctly.
Registered in Madrid in 1964 with plate M-404166 and registered as a historic vehicle since 2006. TUV recently passed until May 2027.
If you are looking for a 60th classic Italian sedan , never restored, preserved and well maintained, with the advantages of having a historic registered vehicle in Spain. and you are looking for a perfect base to easy restoration, or continue to keep a car unrestored, it is a magnificent car with the best price.

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  • Spain
  • 26 May 2023
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