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1932' Ford

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  • 1932 Ford in Georgia
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Mileage: 1585 km
Transmission: Automatic

Heres one aggressive looking street machine that packs plenty of power, with a level of dependability to go along with it that really comes in handy in everyday driving conditions. This 1932 Ford Roadster Replica has logged fewer than 1000 miles since its build - just enough to get things dialed in - and also features a comfortable, well-appointed interior that makes it a joy to drive. Theres some seriously cool aesthetics on display here. This 32 wears a coat of high impact black paint thats in sterling condition. Theres not a distracting blemish to be found and the shine that follows you as you take a lap around is downright impressive. Its distinctive, low-slung headlights pair with a chopped cabin to provide a tastefully customized and well-fitted appearance. Fords of this era featured ornate front grilles with long vertical expanses of chrome, and the one on board here represents that styling cue very nicely. Come around to the side to get the full impact of its distinctive configuration - with an inclined stance teaming with taller rubber in back, this Ford has an absolutely unbeatable profile. The vintage roadster niche often comes part and parcel with exposed cabins that can make year round driving a little challenging, but this Ford offers protection during more unforgiving weather in the form of an included black canvas convertible top that seals well to keep the elements out, and has a clear glass rear window for optimum visibility. Youll no doubt be impressed as you climb inside. This vintage Fords interior provides a level of luxury and functionality you dont often see in cars of its era - even in those that have benefitted from skillful configuration. The pair of broad leather buckets hold the promise of plenty of comfort during even the longest of journeys - theyre very supportive and well-padded. To each side, the leather-clad door panels show some nice detailing while providing some additional storage space with a suitably antique appearance. A chrome-spoked wheel sits on a tilting column to put it into perfect position and just beyond it an ultra-sharp chrome instrument panel bears an assortment of fresh, functional Stewart Warner gauges whose vintage fonts look right at home in this cabin. The aftermarket underdash air conditioning system on this classic blows nice and cold through a trio of vents - youll have no problems staying comfortable even in the warmest of weather. Plenty of dependable power comes via the 350 cubic inch crate V8 beneath the hood. Due to the scant mileage its logged, the engine is just now emerging from its break-in period and has all of its best miles still ahead of it. Its been armed with an upgraded intake manifold, with Holley Quick Fuel fuel injection in place of more commonly encountered standard carburetion for both enhanced adjustability and better all-weather performance. The motor wears a pair of short tube headers at its sides that combine with Flowmaster mufflers to provide an outstanding exhaust note. Eye candy is also plentiful inside this compartment, courtesy of the added Edelbrock engine dress up kit. Sitting behind the 350 is a 3-speed automatic transmission thats shifting in top form to round out a very road ready drivetrain. A 4-link coilover rear suspension equips this attention-getter with a surprisingly refined ride as it cruises on its set of custom wheels, with larger tires in back to nicely accentuate the stance. This 1932 Ford Roadster Replica has all the magnetic visual appeal you could ask for, along with abundant power and a level of comfort that really set it apart from the crowd. Call today!