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1949' Ford F1

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Mileage: 1737 km
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Red

Heres the truck that defines Old School. This 1949 Ford F-1 has a timeless style, legendary flathead V8 power, and the kind of gloss that makes you instantly nostalgic. And as you look a little closer, you can see the right features that make it a better cruiser. This truck has those original good looks that can instantly transport you to another time. But just like your best memories, this one seems to have a little better presentation than they did back then. After all, the bright red paint has more depth than they could get in 1949. Its not overly flashy, but it does give the same optimistic feelings of the immediate post-war period. The enhanced paint needs the best brightwork to go with it. The iconic five-bar grille, full trim, and chrome bumpers are all radiant. Youll see all the best classic details, like the step plates on the running boards and real wood in the truck bed. Plus, they did a terrific job with the wheels with the color-matched steel units surrounded by two-piece trim and whitewalls. The doors open with the swift action of a quality build. This is the kind of truck that youre going to want to drive. Thats why there are some well-integrated improvements, like the velour trimmed seat, tinted windows, and they cleanly installed a quad pack of auxiliary gauges under the dash to give you a clearer view of whats going on with the motor. But none of this takes away from the overall vintage atmosphere. The big and thin steering wheel is grooved for a classic grip, and youll love the mechanical feel of the long column shifter. Fords 239 cubic-inch flathead V8 has a clean and correct look. But dont forget, a truck like this was made to be a driver. Thats why you have upgrades like an aluminum radiator and a 12-volt electrical system. And the rather straight pipes of the dual exhaust give you a nice motor tune. So while its easy to add a radio to a pickup like this, we bet youll really just be listening to the old-school V8 hum. The clean undercarriage tells you this is a well-kept truck that can smoothly move down the road, and those classic whitewalls hid a modern tread for better traction. This Ford does a terrific job of delivering all the feelings of shiny and faithful nostalgia. So if youre ready to drive the best memories tomorrow, you need to call us today!

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  • Florida
  • 13 October 2021