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1929' Ford Model A

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  • 1929 Ford Model A in Pennsylvania
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Mileage: 60629 km
Transmission: Manual

1929 Model A Sport Coupe When the Model A was introduced in December 1927, there were actually riots in a few U.S. cities. In one week, 20 percent of the population (25 million people) attempted to get to their neighborhood Ford dealer to see the new car. The difference between the Model A and Model T was like night and day, and the public liked what they saw, buying about 5 million Model As between 1927 and 1931. While the T was nicknamed Tin Lizzie, the A became known as the Baby Lincoln because of the similar styling. For consignment a 1929 version of the 1 bench seater, 2 door sport coupe. The beneficiary of an older restoration, most surfaces have a patina on them, and some rust is present. The interior is nice, with only the floors in need of buttoning up. A fair example of the 1929 sports car of the day. Exterior Still maintaining its shine and overall dignity, this car presents nicely. It is a small sports car if you will, with its two doors, 5 windows, and a rear rumble seat. Exterior panels are good, with a few areas of previous rust remediation, in particular above the doors next to the vinyl roof, and on top of the visor where it meets the roof. Nice curved lines make up the rear where the rumble seat is, the fenders which make their way over the 21-inch wheels, and the nicely rounded front cowl which covers the engine bay. A chrome grille surround which shows some dimpling and slight rust, is flanked by dual chromed encased headlights. A chromed horn is also seen just below the drivers side headlight. Way below and right upfront is a chromed bumper, made of dual flat bars, and it retains its shine. The cowled hood, gas tank covering, and remainder of body is draped in green paint. There are some areas of previous repairs, and a few chips to be noted throughout. The fenders are a contrasting black with a chrome trimmed running board keeping them together. On back, the curved rear deck is not the trunk, but a flip open rumble seat, which presents in tan leather. This does have a crack in the leather in the middle of the seat. Dual flat bar chromed curved bumpers frame a covered spare tire, just like the 4 corners upfront all are 21-inch steel spoked wheels painted straw (yellow). The wheels were engineered to be larger due to the muddy roads of the time, this way the car would not get stuck as easily! Interior The small cozy compartment contains a very simple setup with a single bench seat covered in angled pattern broadcloth and presenting in tan. This seat has a few areas of wear, and a small crack in the material on the drivers side. The original dash with some peeling paint is body matching green and has the Edward Munch The Scream mask style dash, in dimpled chrome. Noted is the first fuel gauge which is a cork that reads the fuel left in the tank, by floating in a tube. Door panels are more of the matching broadcloth like the bench, and floors have rubber on them. All remaining pillars and interior surfaces such as the headliner are mohair cloth. Drivetrain Under the cowled hood is a 201ci 4-cylinder engine with a 1-barrel side draft carburetor. A 3-speed manual transmission is noted on back with a 3.78 rear axle. The engine is gravity fed from the fuel tank directly behind it and above it in front of the windshield. Undercarriage All surfaces display some surface rust, and aged metal, but still are structurally sound. Body hangers, floorpans, and frame all display surface rust, but is very slight in comparison. Underside of doors unfortunately have rusted through. Mechanical drum brakes and transverse leaf springs are all around on this undercarriage. Drive-Ability While not running, we note however that the engine does turn over by hand so hopes are high that this beauty will run with some TLC. 1929 does not look too far away on this early restoration. There are some defects, but overall, it will not take much to get this one to a real eye catcher, which it is as of right now, it may turn any heads! Its all there and waiting your capable hands and TLC.

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  • Pennsylvania
  • 12 January 2021