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1969' Ford Mustang

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Published 4 March 2024ID: JdNBaz
3 months, 3 weeks ago

Information from the owner

Body: Coupe
Age: 55 years
Mileage: 32000 km
Displacement: 5766 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Green
Interior: Power Steering
Exterior: New Tires

Seller's comments about 1969' Ford Mustang

The presented 1969 Ford Mustang Mach1 Black Jade was ordered from New York State in the following configuration:
351-2V V-8 engine
FMX Select Shift Automatic automatic transmission
Power steering
Front disc brakes
Folding sport rear seat and AM radio
At the turn of 2018-2022, the car underwent a thorough renovation during which it was completely dismantled. All its structural and mechanical elements have been carefully sorted so that they can be fully renovated and reinstalled, while ensuring the original appearance of the element.
Body renovation is another tedious and time-consuming process that was comprehensively performed, from bodywork to painting, which restored the original Black Jade body color.
The presented Mach1 is equipped with:
-new braking system
-new rear and front suspension
-new exhaust system
-new strips and chrome
-all new rubber elements, seals, bumpers, etc.
-new door handles
-new bumpers front and rear
-new rear and front spoilers
-new Magnum 500 rims
-new iconic Cooper Cobra G/T tires
- the seat and door upholstery is new and made of leather, which is 95% similar to the factory vinyl
-all interior elements are new or carefully renovated
- the new retro-style radio is equipped with a USB, Bluetooth, aux input and a hands-free phone system.
It is worth mentioning that the car has a Marti Report, which certifies its originality based on the VIN and codes from the plate located on the driver's door.
The car is in almost perfect condition, of course there are a few places that could be further refined and improved.
The presented Mach1 is registered as a historic car (i.e. yellow plates)
and was entered into the register of movable monuments in Poland.
The Mustang Mach1 is technically sound, anyone seriously interested is welcome to take it for a test drive.

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