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1955' Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M

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  • 1955 Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M in Italy, the World
  • 1955 Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M in Italy, the World
  • 1955 Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M in Italy, the World
  • 1955 Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M in Italy, the World
  • 1955 Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M in Italy, the World
  • 1955 Jaguar Mk5 Mk Vii M in Italy, the World

Huge price reduction

In the beginning of 1955 M/Sgt. J Colley received his new Jaguar MK VII M in Hamburg Germany. This is the model where the M stands for Modified or some say Monte Carlo, which meant that the engine had 190 HP

He immediately drove around Europe and came to Italy where he fitted a Automobile Club of Italia sticker on the rear side of the rear view mirror. The sticker miraculously survived the next 64 years and is still present.

The MK VII M came to the States possibly at the end of 1955. What happened in the States up to 1966 is undocumented but in 1966 the Jag was registered in Hawthorne Nevada and is still on this registration document today. It spend it's life in Nevada from 1966 to 1989 where a collector bought it and started a mild restoration. The Jag never ran on the streets again before being sold to Denmark in 2007.

In Denmark the new owner spend a fortune on various mechanical jobs in the next 15 years - still not being driven on the road but carefully nursed in a big car collection.

The MK VII has survived in a condition rarely seen on any classic cars. The body condition is absolute untouched/unwelded and almost like a new car. The original 3.5 liter engine is still in the car. So is the original Moss crash box shifting very good taking into consideration that this is a Moss box, of course. Heritage certificate is present. All tools are still in both the front doors tool boxes and the original drivers handbook have also survived

The mechanical jobs alone in Denmark, have been carried out by some of the best Classic Car workshops and all these invoices follow the car as part of the history - totaling a price of € 16.300

Just to mention the most important things that have been done: New wiring loom, new stainless exhaust, new timing chains, brakes, fuel pumps, carburetors overhauled, tanks cleaned, radiator renovated, all ball joints replaced, brake hoses replaced

The present owners plans was to build a road race car since this particular model has such a huge racing history both on Silverstone but also Rally Monte Carlo and Mille Miglia. It would be the optimal condition for a project like this. But plans have changed and the Jag is up for sale now.

Please note that the condition of the seats is not very good.

Price € 17.000 which is a fraction of have been used to get this car to where it is today.

  • Italy
  • 12 August 2019
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