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1977' Jaguar XJS

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Published 2 October 2023
Updated 17 May 2024
ID: Wqw10c

Information from the owner

Body: Coupe
Age: 47 years
Mileage: 47530 km
Displacement: 5343 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Red

Seller's comments about 1977' Jaguar XJS

Offered in 1977 for the North American market.
Jaguar XJS V12, 1977, belonged "eternally" to a very passionate car enthusiast who lovingly took care of it, kept his wild cat and treated it practically like a member of the family. The owner of the Jaguar XJ-S was Robert, a US Air Force soldier. M.M.
The vehicle was purchased by the pilot on August 1, 1977 in the United States. In the 1980s/90s, the soldier moved with his entire property to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. All his vehicles were shipped to Europe by air. The Jaguar never changed ownership. It traveled only 47,530 miles on American and German roads. This is the original counter reading.
Thanks to systematic care, the Jaguar gave its owner the best automotive experience, its owner drove so well that there was never an accident or collision. The owner took care of the vehicle throughout the entire period, serviced it and used only original parts. Unfortunately, the owner's days were numbered, after his death the vehicle and all his property were auctioned (2021)
The history of the vehicle can be confirmed thanks to the documentation, equipment, souvenirs and, above all, photographs in which it was immortalized many times. It was also photographed while working on its "care" and servicing. The Jaguar was treated specially by the owner, it has, among other things, an original sports steering wheel as well as an automatic gear lever with the Jaguar logo.
Vehicle owned by only one owner/user, 100% original, very low mileage 47,530 miles (approximately 76,000 km), accident-free, chassis, body without any rust, excellent condition.
There are many very interesting things that can be said about the vehicle, so if you are interested, please contact me by phone and I invite you to see it, drive it, and learn about its history.

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