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1949' Mercedes-Benz 170

1949' Mercedes-Benz 170 photo #1
1949' Mercedes-Benz 170 photo #2
1949' Mercedes-Benz 170 photo #3
1949' Mercedes-Benz 170 photo #4
1949' Mercedes-Benz 170 photo #5
1949' Mercedes-Benz 170 photo #6
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Age: 75 years
Exterior color: Blue

For years, we have been awash with delightful cars at Gallery Aaldering. Sometimes, a car comes in that makes us have a second look. This Mercedes is a typical example of that. When we talk about a classic Mercedes-Benz, quality quickly comes to mind. That’s certainly the case with this 170. Just look at how beautiful this Mercedes is in that colour, and what a rare sight it is with only 830 examples made in the Cabriolet A version!
Discover the timeless elegance of the Mercedes-Benz 170 Cabriolet A from 1950 – a masterpiece designed by Hans Nibel. This Mercedes, which first appeared in 1931, was the pride of Mercedes-Benz throughout the 1930s and remained in production until 1955.
Mercedes-Benz was ahead of its time with this model. How about independent suspension? With this beauty, it’s not just the appearance but also the driving experience that will delight you immensely. We’re convinced of that! After World War II, the 170 continued to shine, with the more powerful “S” model going into production in 1949.
The offered car is a very rare Cabriolet A, originally sold in 1949 and, as mentioned, with a production number of only 830 units. This car had only a few owners in its life, the last of whom owned it for over 30 years.
Bart Holland professionally restored and overhauled this car in the 1990s. The restoration work was beautifully executed, right down to the smallest detail and was extensively documented and is included with this car. The upshot of this all is a Mercedes in excellent condition. Let’s talk about it again, but what about the colour the car is finished in? A timeless blue hue adorns this Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet. The interior welcomes you with beautiful and high-quality leather upholstery. Have a look at the photos and judge for yourself: the dashboard, the gauges, the magnificent steering wheel; everything looks splendidly presented.
Under the hood, everything looks very good as well. The condition reflects the high-quality restoration work that was carried out at the time. This also applies if we look underneath this Mercedes. Incidentally, this Mercedes-Benz drives as you would expect from a top product of that time and that had this quality of restoration. A delightful car with a smoothly shifting gearbox and clutch and brake pedals that are easy to operate.
Become the proud owner of this fantastic Mercedes-Benz 170 Cabriolet A and add a touch of timeless and rare class to your collection. Contact us now for more information and to schedule a test drive. You are welcome to visit Gallery Aaldering in Brummen.

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