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1977' Mercedes-Benz 220

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Published 22 May 2023
Updated 17 May 2024
ID: bWG9kK

Information from the owner

Body: Sedan
Age: 47 years
Mileage: 91780 km
Displacement: 2197 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Exterior color: Green

Seller's comments about 1977' Mercedes-Benz 220

Mercedes-Benz 220D W123 – December 1977
Identifying the W123 as the best-known model of a car manufacturer with nearly a century of history, and which manufactures a wide range of vehicles, such as Mercedes Benz, is a statement that is as far-fetched/bold as it is subjective, so we will not make it. . To say, however, that this is the best-selling model of this German brand is a fact, and there are no arguments against facts.
With over 2,700,000 units sold worldwide between 1975 and 1986,
Evidently, in today's eyes it looks extremely dated, but at the time it came out, the design of this sedan was extremely modern, and this was the first factor responsible for the high demand that this model saw.
During the years that it was in production, the demand was increasing more and more due to the proofs of reliability that it was giving.
The W123 for many of us is a bodywork that is extremely associated with taxi vehicles.
After a long life in taxis, the w123 begins a second life in Africa in brutally inhospitable terrain.
As you know, the W123 is a car that even today makes the hearts of the most nostalgic taxi drivers sigh. A love relationship based on the durability, comfort and reliability of the components that made up this mythical car. I would venture to say that if the W123 had come out a few decades earlier, the Germans wouldn't even have needed tanks to try to win the war from the Allies.
It was due to these assumptions of infinite durability and bulletproof comfort that a German taxi driver, as soon as he found out that Mercedes-Benz was going to replace the W123 model with the W124, ran to a brand dealership and bought a W123 just like the one he already had.
With numerous tests given regarding its reliability and build quality, we can say, in a metaphorical tone, that with only this 91 thousand kilometers our W123 is still just taking its first steps.
Going inside is like opening a time capsule as it is so well cared for and maintained.
It is available for viewing at our facilities.
We have privileged conditions for financing.
Warranty conditions are negotiated by mutual agreement.
The information provided above does not exempt validation by our commercial department.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarification.

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