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1973' Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL

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  • 1973 Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL in Poland
  • 1973 Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL in Poland - 2
  • 1973 Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL in Poland - 3
  • 1973 Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL in Poland - 4
  • 1973 Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL in Poland - 5
  • 1973 Mercedes-Benz Klasa S SL in Poland - 6
Mileage: 246000 km
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Air Conditioning

A real rarity for sale - an armored Mercedes W116 450 SE from 1973 from the fleet of the Kingdom of Spain. It is one of the first armored Mercedes w116 that the Spanish Parque Móvil Ministerial (PMM) acquired for the royal court where it was assigned with the internal (government) PMM registration number 16507.

Until 1998, the car was at the disposal of the King of Spain, Don Juan Carlos I, and the most eminent and highest-ranking persons from Spain, as well as guests of the King of Spain from other countries. This is documented and confirmed in an official letter (of course the buyer will receive the originals), then it was assigned to the disposal of the General Directorate of Police in Spain. The current registration number H 7122 BBB is a historical number.

A 46-year-old service book is also available! A set of keys.

In addition to the extensive equipment - quite obvious in the case of such copies (such as air conditioning), the car also has, among others, police siren system with a microphone and an external sound system.

A few years ago the Mercedes was undergoing a paint renovation (I have photos), but a moment later it ended up in the underground parking lot. The outer shell of the right rear door glass is for renovation (it is armored glass, consisting of four layers).
The car was armored by the British company Armalite Ltd., in which the brother-in-law of King Don Juan Carlos I had a share, servicing all cars of the royal fleet in this respect. Due to the use of Kevlar plates (Aramid), despite the armor, the car is so light that it can be driven with a category B driving license.

Link to the movie with the engine running

Link to the movie with the operation of the external sound system

The car certainly requires a few adjustments, but this one deserves to be brought to a perfect condition.

Possible possible exchange for something interesting (it can also be a modern car, motorhome, mini excavator).

Price for cash is negotiable. You have a specific offer - feel free to write or call.

This Mercedes is a real unique and an opportunity, with a documented, truly royal pedigree.
For relatively little money, you have the opportunity to enrich your collection with this rarity, a real monument participating in historical events.

Possible possible replacement for something interesting (it can also be a modern car, I will consider any interesting proposals).

People who think that the starting price of PLN 20,000 € is high, I suggest you find a twin at a lower price. If someone can do it, then we can talk.

  • Marcin
  • Poland
  • 8 June 2021