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1929' Mercedes-Benz SSK

6 photos
Body: Sports Car
Age: 94 years
Mileage: 1379 km
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Beige

The SSK is a roadster built by Mercedes-Benzfrom 1928-1932. It is an abbreviation for Super Sport Kurz which translates toSuper Sport Short. Its extreme performance made it one of the most highlyregarded sports cars of its era. Established in 1964 Fiberfab was an automotivemanufacturer that started making accessories and body parts and progressed tomaking fully assembled autos. Fiberfab International ended up becoming one ofthe longest lasting kit car manufacturers to date. This particular kit was soldnew in 1987. The donor car was a 76 Pinto with just over 55,000 miles that wasequipped with a 2.3L 93 HP I4 engine, an automatic transmission, power steering andpower brakes with front discs. Prior to its assembly the engine andtransmission were both rebuilt. Everything else was gone through from top tobottom before being installed so it was basically a new car when it wasfinished in 1990. It has since only been driven 857 miles. It comes with a softtop, a boot and a cockpit cover. Close to $40,000 was spent on the creation ofthis gorgeous SSK yet we are only asking half of that. At the price we areasking this beauty is sure to sell quick so if you like what you see you betterget in touch with us before it is too late!

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