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1975' Volkswagen Beetle

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Published 8 June 2023
Updated 17 May 2024
ID: VgBirM

Information from the owner

Body: Sports Car
Age: 49 years
Mileage: 96083 km
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Red
Electronics: AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth

Seller's comments about 1975' Volkswagen Beetle

A fun stance, a fresh interior, useful features (like a sunroof and Bluetooth radio,) and a strong powerhouse make this 1975 Volkswagen Super Beetle a distinct and fun classic. Most Beetles arent intimidating, but this one just cant help but have a touch of aggression. Theres a taller stance that lets this fit a nice set of Eagle Alloy wheels. Theres even an extra meaty rear set. So while having more rubber on the road is always a nice thing for practicality, having a taller and wider Bug certainly makes it more imposing. And of course, a bright red style can also be intimidating. But as you dig deeper, you also just see a quality VW. Newer headlights, newer weather-striping, and clean glass show good fundamentals. And the overall feeling is a good-looking car that has a driver-quality and driver-ready appearance. The bright white interior has a distinct style and a nice feeling thanks to a fresher investment. Classic wood-like trim, a smooth Super Beetle dash, and VWs good build quality make this inviting. Plus, you can tell this one likes to be a cruiser. Features like the sunroof, smaller diameter sports steering wheel, and upgraded AM/FM/XM stereo with USB and Bluetooth make the drive a lot more fun. Volkswagens flat-four motor has a hardy reputation, and the 1500cc unit in the rear has a simplified setup for easy ownership and maintenance. Youll even spot newer investments like the carburetor and belt. It has a strong-running feeling, which gives you the right confidence to fully utilize the smooth-shifting four-speed manual transmission. It makes for a great combo where you can really enjoy the motor and its air-cooled soundtrack. This VW has a unique stance and nice upgrades. But nothing added to this one ever takes away the hardy nature that makes a Beetle a terrific classic. So dont miss this deal. Call today!!!

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