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1980' Volkswagen Golf

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Age: 44 years
Mileage: 26000 km
Displacement: 1577 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: White

Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI 1.6 110 HP.

The first generation of the Golf GTI became the prototype for a whole class of small, sporty hatchbacks, and today, next to the Peugeot 205, it is the Golf that is one of the most sought-after GTIs of the era on the classic car market.
The car comes from the German market.
The presented copy has undergone a comprehensive, uncompromising renovation.
Passing through the hands of a collector, it has been restored.
Today, it pleases the eye and makes memories tangible.
The car is exactly as it was 43 years ago.
Collector's condition. The GTI is just like new.
Year of manufacture: 1980.
Date of first registration: May 22, 1980.
VIN: 17A049335317EG2.
Mileage: 26,000 km.
Detailed description of the works.
1. Bodywork:
- It was complete, no rust.
- New paint applied.
2. Suspension:
- All components new.
3. Chassis:
- New tires.
- New brakes.
- New wires and every screw.
4. Engine:
- The unit with accessories has undergone a major overhaul at the renowned Motoren Ritterbcks company (invoices for the purchase of original components are available for inspection)
- After braking, the engine generates 131 hp, which is 21 hp better than the manufacturer assumed. Works great, lively.
5. Equipment and interior:
- Complete, fully functional.
- The smallest detail has been taken care of, the interior is like new.
6. Maintenance:
- All elements of the body along with the profiles have been preserved with wax.
- Engine compartment preserved with original preparation.
7. Documentation:
- Invoices for every smallest thing or service.
- Original catalogues, service books and origin documents.
- The total cost of the treatments was over EUR 25,000.
- The car has an incredibly complete documentation.
- Documentation (original catalogues) from the service and construction of the vehicle has also been collected for the car.
- In total, it is SEVERAL HUNDRED PAGES (a whole cardboard box).
8. Important Notice:
- The car has traveled 26,000 km after the renovation. It is tested, proven.
- The car is complete, efficient, does not require any further work.
VAT invoice 23%.
The given price is the gross amount.
Financing possible.
We help in organizing all formalities related to obtaining financing.
We are an authorized supplier of many leading banks.
Possibility to leave the car in the settlement.
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Additional information: number of seats: 5, upholstery: fabric, upholstery color: other, country of origin: Germany
Offer number: AKL17TTBC
This announcement is only commercial information and does not constitute an offer pursuant to art. 66, § 1 of the Civil Code. The seller is not responsible for any errors or outdated advertisements.

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