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1973' BSA A65

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  • 1973 BSA A65 in Somerset
Body: Adventure Touring

mmaculate Original 1973 A65 Lightning that has been lovingly looked after. Engine numbers/ frame Numbers....A65L/JG00681

First registered March 1973
Verified low mileage of only 19k with supporting MOT"S and one of the very last made with the new frame and to roll out of the factory.

The motorcycle rides beautifully and starts first time everytime. you will be very hard pushed to find a nicer example..

The BSA Lightning was designed as the all-round sports machine of the 1960s, planned largely for export to the US market to complement the touring Thunderbolt and the later development, the supersports Spitfire. Development of the engine aimed to make it more reliable, quieter and less prone to oil leaks, with top speed sacrificed to improve mid-range and rideability. Nevertheless, with twin carburettors the A65L could still reach 108 mph (174 km/h). Improvements included an oil pressure warning light.

A close ratio gearbox combined with a high lift camshaft made for lively acceleration and performance at higher rpm than the standard A65.

A useful feature was an 'emergency starting' key position for times when the battery was flat to connect the alternator current directly to the ignition coils.
From 1969 the Lightning was improved with balanced exhaust pipes, redesigned silencer-internals, widened crankcase-half mating faces and a twin leading shoe front brake. When road testing, Motorcycle Sport found the natural cruising speed to be 70 mph (110 km/h)

In 1971, 201 750cc versions, designated the A70L, were also produced for American racing purposes.
In 1972 the BSA Group were in financial difficulties and, in a last attempt to extend the brand life, a new frame was developed for the A65L.