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1949' Riley Rm

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  • 1949 Riley Rm in Großbritannien
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"Sir Walter" is featured in "The Legendary RM's" by John Price Williams. We have had the paint spectographed and made up to freshen up,but like others say they prefer the patina, we are now in the same frame of mind and enjoy it so much as it is not precious ! In the last 3 yrs it has had a new clutch,5x new Dunlops,complete new spin off oil filter assembly,new aluminium radiator+new hoses,new professional wiring loom with electronic ignition,alternator,twin air horns,new electronic washers,new battery,complete new brake upgrade with servo,Mulberry mohair hood +tonneau+frame,thousands spent.On the web there is an RMC at 67.5K and others generally late £50K's.Modern 1800 engine with twin SU's and overdrive gearbox.Motorway 30 mpg.It is truly a one off and is genuinely unique with great provenance and patina.

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  • Großbritannien
  • 20 September 2019