Mid-Engined Renault Dauphine Packs Widebody And VR6

1 Jahr, 8 Monate her - 27 Mai 2021, motor1
Mid-Engined Renault Dauphine Packs Widebody And VR6
The perfect use of a VW VR6.

What does it take to make the Renault Dauphine exciting? How about a superb widebody kit and a mid-mounted VR6 engine? This incredibly unique build featured by AutotopiaLA is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that sure to turn some heads. It sounds like a supercar but looks like a strange classic Rallye car. So what does it take to build a creation like this?

This Renault Dauphine started out with a completely stripped-out vehicle that, Justin, the owner purchased from a desert lot. The forgotten Dauphin featured a great deal of rust and not much else which made it the perfect candidate for a complete rebuild.

Justin had the vision to build a unique European car that featured a mid-mounts VR6 engine. The Dauphine shell was the perfect starting point for this drastic build. Justin started the build by creating his own chassis and tube frame to place under the Dauphine’s skin. The 2.8-liter VR8 engine used to power this build was salvaged from an MK4 Golf GTI along with its 6-speed manual transmission. Justin added a limit slip differential to improve cornering performance and allow for impressive burnouts.

The impressive fit and finish of this build are incredible considering all of the work was completed by one person. From the unique cantilever suspension to the patinaed exterior this build is top-notch. In America, the Renault Dauphine is virtually unknown which makes it even more exciting to see on American roads. Sure it’s fun to see builds on Porsche 911s and familiar vehicles but this oddball creation stands alone.

From the incredible noise of the VR6 to the attention to detail inside and out, this one-of-a-kind build stands out in Los Angeles traffic.

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