Mopar announces Lancia Delta Integrale heritage parts

10 Dezember 2019 - Autoblog

Mopar announces Lancia Delta Integrale heritage parts

Need a front or rear bumper?

Back in April, 2019, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced the Heritage HUB, a facility built specifically for classics from FCA's Italian brands. As part of the mission to preserve, restore, and showcase the best vehicles from past decades, FCA and Mopar are now launching Heritage Parts, a service that will make available reproduced spare parts for old, rare cars. The line's first model is the Lancia Delta Integrale.

FCA is starting with front and rear bumpers, seen in the photos above, for the Delta HF Integrale and the Integrale Evoluzione. The parts are recreated using the original molds and the same original materials, not fiberglass. They will be delivered to the customers unsanded, unprimed, and unpainted. The old equipment was apparently found left for dead at the San Benigno plant outside of Turin, Italy.

To create the parts, plastic granulate made of a polymer thermoplastic called POCAN S1506 is injected into the die cavity at a high temperature. FCA says it has a high heat resistance and staves off stress cracking and moisture absorption. The Evo variant uses Xenoy CL101, a different type of polymer thermoplastic that is solvent-resistant and quite flexible at all temps.

The new parts can be purchased directly from the online Mopar store. The front bumpers for both models are listed for £1,404.00 ($1,843) before taxes, while the rear bumpers are listed for £1,242.00 ($1,631) before taxes. More models are sure to be added to the list soon.