Ruined 1952 Aston Martin DB2 Drophead Is Neglect Selling for a Six Digit Figure

13 Mai 2020 - autoevolution

Ruined 1952 Aston Martin DB2 Drophead Is Neglect Selling for a Six Digit Figure

A body scarred by the the passage of time and the elements, parts missing, and an interior so destroyed it is painful to watch.

This sums up the condition of a car so rare others would pay fortunes to own.

What you see in the gallery above was once an Aston Martin DB2, a machine that made its mark on the early 1950s both on the road and on the track. And it's not any DB2 - which on the whole whole are extremely rare – but of the drophead coupe variety, even harder to find these days.

Whoever owned the car apparently didn't appreciate it as much as any other guy or gal would have, and left it to rot somewhere, until it got in this condition. Some work apparently had been done to it sometime in the past, as the car sports a non-matching numbers engine, also of Aston Martin make.

Whatever it was done to it, the car looks so bad that it could have been easily written off and taken to the scrap yard. Someone, somewhere in New York, saw its potential, and is now selling it.

Not only is this shell of a car a rare bird, but it also comes in a left-hand drive configuration that could make it even more valuable. As you can imagine, the car is for sale, and the current owner is asking $135,000 for it, which admittedly is only a fraction of the cost a shiny functional one goes for these days.

The DB2 seems like the perfect fit for a future restoration project of a garage somewhere, and we wouldn't mind seeing it in a year or two back to its former glory. But the reality is it might take much longer than that, because remaking an Aston is not as easy as working on American cars of the same era.