This Classic 1967 Lincoln Continental Just Got a $4,000 Repair Bill, Here's How

1 Jahr her - 21 März 2022, autocar
1967 Lincoln Continental
1967 Lincoln Continental
With perhaps the exception of the Cadillac Escalade ESV or Lincoln Navigator, they just don't build large luxury cars the way people used to.

Before automakers were burdened with the federal government up to its trumpet 24/7, this 1967 Lincoln Continental is was the pinnacle of American luxury.

This example found its way into the capable hands of Dave the Car Wizard of Newton, Kansas. Owner of Omega Auto Clinic and the Car Wizard YouTube channel. As this is one of Dave's regular customers, there was only one place they could have taken this car when they bought it for just $5,000.

It may have not been worth investing any money into making a car this old run and drive again a decade ago. But this is the 2020s, where everything that's old is now new again. Nowadays, this could be a $70,000 car all day long with everything in super nice condition. With this in mind, and even with a busted steering gearbox and non-existent brakes, this is still a car well worth mechanically totaling itself just to get it back on the road.

Under the hood of this beast is a 462-cubic inch Lincoln V8, a derivative of the Ford MEL engine, for which 1967 was the final year of production before the switch to the Ford 385 family of V8s. It runs beautifully in this car. If only the brakes and steering could say the same. Apart from that, the convertible top arrangement still works as intended 55 or so years after it left its Wixom, Michigan, factory floor.

Notice how the rear hatch has no handle or button to open it, as the only thing meant to stow away there is the canvas top and rear glass. Dave himself points out that it may even be worth dropping $10 grand on this car to make it nice and still make a huge profit. But he's only obligated to fix what his customers tell him to. We can only imagine the magic he'd work if given a blank check to restore this beauty 100%. We can only dream, can't we?

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