1958 Daily Driver: Chevy Biscayne Restored in the '80s Has No Idea What Rain Means

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1958 Daily Driver: Chevy Biscayne Restored in the '80s Has No Idea What Rain Means
1958 was the year when the full-size lineup propelled Chevrolet to the top of the automotive space in the United States.

Models like the Bel Air and the Impala generated skyrocketing sales, allowing the GM brand to overtake Ford to re-become the brand dominating car sales in the domestic market.

However, Chevy's full-size series also included other models that helped bring home the bacon. Originally aimed at fleets, the Biscayne was the more affordable Impala and Bel Air alternative. Despite lacking the premium touches of its more exquisite siblings, the Biscayne shared the styling and most engines with the Impala and the Bel Air.

It rapidly became the easiest way to enjoy Chevy's full-size greatness without spending a small fortune on it.

A first-year Biscayne landed on Craigslist earlier this week, this time not requiring a complete restoration but still seeking a new home where it can stay away from rain and snow. The owner says the car has no idea what bad weather means, as it always spent the night in storage.

The Biscayne has already received a complete restoration in the '80s, so it's now ready for the road. It doesn't look like it requires anything, so it's probably safe to assume this Biscayne is ready to become a daily driver. The engine runs and drives, and everything is there. The owner says the car wears collector plates and sells with a title.

It's no longer a 100% original Biscayne. The car now sports a 283 four-barrel unit, but the owner says they also have the original rebuilt two-barrel and intake. They are included in the sale, so whoever aims for a factory setup can get it back with the original parts.

The car also comes with other upgrades, including a dual exhaust system and air shocks, but they should be easy to remove if you're not a fan of aftermarket goodies.

A 1958 Biscayne makes for a great collectible, though I'm certain most owners would gladly take it out for a spin every few weekends when the weather is not an issue. This model perfectly qualifies for this experience, especially because it looks good (though not a perfect 10) and doesn't require anything to return to the road.

One of the best things about a Biscayne is that this nameplate allows customers to get a taste of Chevy's full-size strategy at a more decent price tag. This Biscayne sticks with this approach, so if you want the car, you must pay only $10,000. The owner says they will also consider other offers, so if you want the car, contact them to discuss additional details.

The vehicle is located in Spokane, Washington, and you should be able to drive it home on its wheels. 

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