1968 Mercury Monterey Q-Code 428 Emerges As Rare Convertible, One Of 1,515

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1968 Mercury Monterey Q-Code 428
1968 Mercury Monterey Q-Code 428
Most people who walked into a Mercury dealership in 1968 looking for a Monterey ended up ordering the four-door sedan. It was the most affordable version, carrying a base price of $3,052, so over 30,700 units rolled off the assembly lines for this model year.

The two-door hardtop coupe was the next in line despite being more expensive. Its pricing started at $3,133, so only 15,145 customers ordered this version. The four-door hardtop sedan accounted for only 8,972 orders, while the convertible was the rarest and the most expensive configuration in the entire lineup.

Anyone who wanted a convertible had to pay at least $3,436, so it's no surprise that only 1,515 customers got one.

One of these convertibles is here in a beautiful shape after a meticulous restoration.

As if the one-of-1,515 bit hasn't already made the Monterey rare, it also comes with a Q code engine. It's a 428 V8 in perfect shape, with the car now requiring zero fixes before hitting the road.

The 1968 convertible could be had with a 390 V8 in multiple power ratings. The base version was a two-barrel unit producing 280 horsepower, while the four-barrel sibling produced 315 and 335 horsepower. The 428 was the icing on the Monterey cake, with the four-barrel configuration producing 335 and 360 horsepower.

The folks at Primo Classics claim the car's trunk comes in the original condition, but the restoration job, including the blue exterior and the matching leather interior, is impressive, nonetheless. Restored cars are beautiful, especially when they are rare models, but this Monterey is something else.

The odometer indicates 79,000 miles, but the owners explain that the mileage is exempt.

It's hard to find something to complain about on this Monterey, as the car has everything a collector wants. It's unclear if the restoration retained the all-original magic, as it'd be a shame if the car featured aftermarket upgrades, but you'll have to inspect that in person if you are committed to a purchase. However, the car was born with power steering, power brakes, and a power top, and all are still available in working shape today.

Now, it's time to talk money.

As anyone would expect, considering its condition, this 1968 Monterey convertible can't sell for pocket money. It's a rare convertible with the top engine available for this model year, and the meticulous restoration turns it into a head-turning machine. The garage in charge of finding a new owner launched an auction on eBay, with the digital fight starting at $31,100. It's a no-reserve battle, meaning whoever sends the highest bid will take the car home.

Meanwhile, you can see this Monterey live in Lakeland, Florida, where it's currently waiting for the end of the auction. 

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