1977 Pontiac Trans Am Promises Rare Surprises, Still All Original

hace 4 semanas - 30 abril 2024, Autoblog
The Trans Am production was already on the rise in 1977, with the yearly output increasing to 155,735 units. The Trans Am was already the most sought-after Firebird version, accounting for 68,744 units.

The esprit was surprisingly popular, so its production reached 34,548 units, while the base Firebird was ordered by 30,642 units. The Formula was the least popular configuration in the 1977 Firebird lineup, as its production numbers totaled 21,801 units.

Someone on eBay claims their almost gorgeous Trans Am is a rare car, albeit it's unclear if the vehicle has already been restored. It looks good, with only minor TLC required, but the Trans Am is otherwise ready for the road.

Seller gucci_4033 says the Trans Am continues to be entirely original, and this could suggest that the vehicle didn't previously receive a restoration. However, you should contact the seller and ask more questions if you're interested in buying this Trans Am.

The VIN decodes to a 1977 Trans Am powered by a Pontiac 400 V8 engine. The 1977 model year could be had with 180 and 200-horsepower options.

The 400 V8 is still in the car, and considering the owner promised an all-original setup, it should be the factory unit installed by Pontiac before this Trans Am rolled off the assembly lines. It starts and runs, albeit this is hardly a surprise, considering how good the car still looks. The exterior requires some attention, but the interior is clear and complete.

What sets this Trans Am aside from the rest of the crowd is the four-speed stick shift. The owner says this isn't easy to find, albeit the production numbers suggest otherwise. Truth be told, the automatic gearbox dominated 1977 sales, with over 57,000 units rolling off the assembly lines with this unit. Only 11,402 Trans Am received a manual transmission, so I wouldn't say this example is that rare.

What could make this Trans Am rarer is the engine and transmission combo, albeit I couldn't find official figures to verify this claim. The Trans Am is still worth checking out, especially if you are interested in a daily driver and want an all-original Pontiac.

The selling price is unsurprising, considering the owner promises an all-original setup. They will let the car go for $21,500, but the listing also allows interested buyers to submit other offers. However, I doubt they'll sell the car for less than $20K.

Meanwhile, this Trans Am is parked in Van Nuys, California, and you won't need a trailer to take it home. Considering its condition, this Trans Am should be able to go anywhere on its wheels, as it only requires subtle TLC to return to a tip-top shape. The listing will expire in 26 days. 

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