Classic Chevy Corvette Restomod Fuses Modern Driving Feel And Retro Looks

hace 8 meses, 1 semana - 12 septiembre 2023, Carbuzz
Classic Chevy Corvette Restomod Fuses Modern Driving Feel And Retro Looks
One of Chevy's most iconic classics has been given the modern touch.

Let's face it - many classic cars may have the looks to turn heads, but they are not the best in terms of driving feel. Sherwood Motorcars understood the dilemma and decided to resto-modify the 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible in Roman Red, reimagining it for the 21st century.

The Alberta-based exotic and classic car specialist fitted an LS1 small-block engine in the classic 'Vette - an engine used by the newer Corvette C5 and Chevrolet Camaro. No performance specs were disclosed, but for reference, the engine makes around 300 to 350 horsepower from the factory.

The engine is complemented by a remodeled suspension from Jim Meyer Racing to make the driving characteristics more desirable. A rack and pinion steering system, Wilwood disc brakes, and other refinements in the drivetrain further enhance it.

The vehicle - which clocked 2,430 miles on the odometer - is equipped with updated gauges and an air conditioning system if the future owner is not in the mood for an open-top drive. The driving part should be more convenient thanks to a four-speed automatic gearbox, which sends power to the rear wheels.

Aside from the modern performance and reliability of the power unit, it can also be serviced at any Chevy dealer across North America.

"Of course, we understand that the idea and dream of driving an old Corvette versus the reality are maybe a little bit different. This is where the modern performance, updated suspension, and a brand new engine help this Corvette drive every bit as good as it looks," said Sherwood Motorcars.

Sherwood Motorcars did not disclose the asking price for the resto-modified 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible but it is heading to Barrett-Jackson to be auctioned off.

The company has a wide array of Corvette builds you might want to check out as well. It is currently offering a restored 1968 Corvette 427 with a four-speed manual gearbox and a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) for 79,980 Canadian dollars (around $58,552). For budget-conscious buyers, a 1972 RWD Corvette 454 Stingray is being sold for $51,270.

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