This Extremely Rare Jaguar E-Type Will Sell For Millions

hace 7 años, 1 mes - 22 mayo 2017, Carbuzz
This Extremely Rare Jaguar E-Type Will Sell For Millions
And will likely set a new price record in doing so.

Last January we reported about a certain Jaguar E-Type that sold at auction for a record-setting $7.37 million. This wasn't just any E-Type, but an extremely rare Lightweight Competition, of which only 12 were built. That E-Type also became the most valuable post-1960s Jaguar to sell at auction. This August, that could change. Bonhams, which handled that previous auction at its Scottsdale, Arizona event, has just announced it will also offer this "highly original" #14 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Coupe at the Quail Lodge during Monterey Car Week.

This specific E-Type was raced by Team Cunningham at the 1963 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as the Bridgehampton 500 and Road America 500. Once it retired from racing duties, it was displayed at the Cunningham Museum, and was later owned by several private collectors.

These specific E-Types were also referred to as "GTO killers," referring to the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO. Bonhams hasn't released an estimated price range for this gorgeous cat, but based on January's sale, we wouldn't at all be surprised to see the gavel drop north of $8 million, thus setting a new record for the fabled UK brand.

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