Gorgeously-Restored Classic Beauty With a Fabulous Past Sells for Pennies

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Gorgeously-Restored Classic Beauty With a Fabulous Past Sells for Pennies
This 30-year-old sailing yacht bears an instantly recognizable name, Captain Cook, and is even more impressive than you'd expect.

Basically rebuilt by its most recent owners and turned into a luxurious pleasure craft by contemporary standards, this gorgeous Turkish vessel has started a new chapter under new ownership.

There's nothing that a genuine yachting connoisseur loves more than to restore a classic masterpiece to its original glory and equip it for contemporary operations. Ahmet and Cigdem Ongun purchased a gorgeous sailing yacht built in 1993 and decided to invest in a full restoration. The old vessel was practically rebuilt and sumptuously restyled. It was a long-term project with a spectacular outcome.

Captain Cook was originally built at the Gulluk Shipyard more than three decades ago. During the restoration, its hull was almost fully rebuilt, yet the owners made sure that the original proportions would remain intact; they didn't want to turn this into a bigger yacht but to keep the perfect size that made it so well-balanced and stable on the water. The original two-tone paint scheme was replaced by a more modern, uniform look.

Onboard, the revamped yacht reveals a sophisticated British Colonial interior décor and a three-stateroom layout that can accommodate up to six guests. Having only three staterooms meant that each could boast generous spaciousness and sophisticated, marble-clad en-suite bathrooms. The surprisingly spacious main salon with two separate areas is complemented by an equally generous outdoor lounging area on the deck.

At 30 meters (98.4 feet), Captain Cook exudes the relaxed ambiance of a classic masterpiece and the luxurious comfort of a contemporary pleasure craft. Its eclectic spirit merges Turkish roots with high-end Italian fabrics and timeless British colonial elements such as dark wood and vintage furniture.

Originally built for an Austrian millionaire, it was named Miss Austria in honor of the Austrian contestant who won the Miss Universe title that year (1993). For many years, it would later operate as a romantic honeymoon charter yacht in the Caribbean.

In an interesting twist of fate, the Turkish schooner would end up being refitted at a Brooklyn shipyard after an unfortunate encounter with a hurricane while sailing in the Atlantic. In the early 2000s, it was renamed Miss Sabrina and became a luxury day cruiser for a high-end hotel. After years of adventures and several ownerships, things had come full circle – the old schooner was back in Turkey, where Ahmet found it and saved it.

Although the meticulous restoration process and its rich history are worth much more than that, Captain Cook was recently snatched for less than $1.5 million. It was a real bargain, considering the vessel's gorgeous, luxurious styling, classic craftsmanship, and adventurous past that fully confirmed its sea-worthiness.

Hopefully, Captain Cook will also become available for charter under the new ownership so that many others can enjoy its unique spirit. 

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