Jaguar XJ12 Restored With BMW V8 Won't Be For Everyone

hace 7 meses, 1 semana - 9 octubre 2023, Carbuzz
Jaguar XJ12 Restored With BMW V8 Won't Be For Everyone
The owner of this British cat thought downsizing from a V12 to a V8 was a good idea.

The Jaguar XJ is an icon - one that left an indelible mark on a young enthusiast that led to the creation of an interesting project. Instead of the V12 that once resided under the hood, the owner, Shaun Barnes, has fitted a BMW V8 from the E34 5 Series. Replacing a V12 with a V8 is already something people may object to, but fitting a BMW engine in a Jaguar? It's either brilliance or sacrilege, and we won't be the judges of which it is.

Barnes' fascination with the British brand began at seven when his father borrowed his boss's 1994 XJ. Since that day, the young Shaun vowed to own his own Jaguar someday.

Being the co-owner of Keltec Performance - a shop specializing in custom exhaust systems - Shaun is not one to settle for an ordinary modern sedan like the Jaguar XF. He decided to build his dream XJ.

In 2017, Shaun stumbled upon the 1987 Jaguar XJ12 that would become his fifth and most ambitious XJ project. Negotiations for the purchase of the vehicle reached a point where they were haggling over a mere $60. The frustrated seller refused to deal with Shaun any longer, prompting him to enlist the help of a friend to secure the purchase.

Shaun initially planned to restore the car within a year but soon discovered the challenges ahead. The complex twin-fuel tank system of the Jaguar proved to be an early obstacle. Undeterred, he swapped out the Jaguar's V12 engine for a newer BMW M60B30 V8 and introduced air suspension. The rear differential was replaced with one from an Aston Martin DB7, which gave it a stronger braking setup, too, replacing the original in-board discs with a conventional outboard setup.

Custom bumpers were meticulously crafted to achieve a sleeker look, and the car was adorned with a striking OEM-spec Carpathian Grey paint finish. Drawing inspiration from YouTube tutorials, Shaun took on the task of refurbishing the interior with leather upholstery.

Barnes also opted for aftermarket LED headlights - the same eBay headlights used by the Aston Martin Victor. The stock grille was modified to an eye-catching mesh design, while a modern XJS steering rack greatly improved the car's handling. Of course, Shaun's company, Keltec Performance, created a great-sounding exhaust to go with the sinister look.

Shaun's dedication to his project paid off when he entered the car into a prestigious car show, garnering significant attention and earning a place in the top 10.

What makes Shaun's creation even more exceptional is its originality; Jaguars are seldom modified, and enthusiasts typically favor maintaining these classics in their stock condition as they view it sacrilegious to modify such a classic. However, Shaun's unique build has captivated the automotive community, earning respect and admiration from fellow enthusiasts.

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