Low-Mile Project: 1957 Mercury Montclair Is a Work in Progress, Intriguing Odo Numbers

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1957 Mercury Montclair
1957 Mercury Montclair
The 1957 Mercury models were more intriguing than ever, with the production numbers confirming that customers in the States loved the subtle refresh.

The Monterey was still the king of the Mercury castle, with the two-door hardtop accounting for over 42,000 cars of the entire 1957 output. The Montclair two-door hardtop was next with 30,000 units, while the Turnpike Cruise was far behind with 7,200 vehicles.

The convertible versions of all three models were significantly less common, with their production barely reaching 5,000, 4,200, and 1,200 units, respectively.

The 1957 Montclair in these photos is a work-in-progress whose big ambition is a return to the road in tip-top shape. eBay seller Nevada Discount explains that the project was started by their father, though somebody else will have to finish it. The vehicle looks good, but the listing doesn't include many specifics. Your best option is to order a third-party inspection or check out the car yourselves, but the Montclair still seems to check most boxes for a great restoration candidate.

With 55K original miles on the clock, it's one of the few Mercury examples with such a low mileage. The engine under the hood still runs, though the owner says they managed to get it up and running with a temporary electric pump. It'll require some work, but the car already has new brakes, a new gas tank, new fluids and spark plugs. It already wears new white wall tires.

The interior will require some attention, too, but it looks clean and complete. I can't tell if the seats are ripped due to what looks like a blanket, but you'll find such problems in the rear. The door panels look good, and the chances are they're original.

The engine in charge of propelling this Montclair is a 368 V8. The 1957 Mercury lineup was available with two mills. The 312 developed 255 horsepower, while the 368 produced 290 horsepower. Both were equipped with four-barrel carburetors, with Mercury using either the Carter AFB or the Holley 4150 for the 312. The 368 only came with the Carter WCFB. Customers who wanted more power for the 368 could order the M-335 package, which upgraded the output to 335 horsepower thanks to a dual-quad intake and a solid-lifter camshaft.

The Montclair is currently sitting in Las Vegas, and the owner says it spent its entire life in California. You'll need a trailer to take it home, considering its current shape, but getting it ready for the road seems an easy mission. The selling price makes sense for a car this old and rare, especially considering the low miles on the clock. The owner wants $9,000 to let the car go, but the Make Offer button is also available if you have another deal in mind. 

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