Mercedes-Benz T2 Fire Truck Camper Lets You Enjoy Endless Views and Live off the Grid

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Mercedes-Benz T2 Fire Truck Camper Lets You Enjoy Endless Views and Live off the Grid
Everyone agrees that traveling equals freedom. Traveling in a comfortable motorhome can give you the ultimate feeling of freedom, satisfy your wanderlust, and open up a world of possibilities and memorable adventures.

But not everyone can afford the latest and most luxurious RVs on the market, so they turn to camper conversions instead.

It's truly amazing what handy people can do with different vehicles to create functional mobile living spaces that allow them to explore the world at their own pace without compromising comfort. Fire trucks may not be the most common type of vehicle to get the camper conversion treatment, but this Mercedes-Benz T2 fire truck turned home on wheels deserves a closer look if you're on the hunt for an affordable companion for your off-grid adventures.

The vintage motorhome started life in 1976 as a fire truck and has recently been subjected to a camper conversion after being acquired by the current owner in 2020 from the German Fire Service (Berufsfeuerwehr or "Fire Defence").

They say there's no place like home, especially one that offers beautiful views. How about a mobile home able to provide endless views? Investing in a motorhome like this bespoke fire truck conversion will give you exactly that - the opportunity to explore new places, enjoy fantastic views when both shutters are opened, and spend as much time as possible outdoors.

From the outside, this 1976 Mercedes-Benz T2 may still look like a fire truck as it has retained its original fire service vehicle paint scheme, but it now offers berths for up to four people and is fitted with an LPG fuel system and a solar system to enable owners to go completely off-grid.

The Mercedes-Benz T2 model was originally introduced in 1967 as the successor to the L 319 series. The new generation was more refined and was manufactured in different body styles that made it a quite popular choice in various sectors. It was available as a minibus, van, and flatbed truck. Due to its reliability, public services chose the T2 for their fleets. Many municipalities across Europe used the T2 as ambulances, fire trucks, and even prisoner transport vans.

The German car manufacturer offered the T2 with multiple engine options throughout its production run, from gasoline to diesel options. The engines fitted on the vehicle evolved with time, becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly with each revision and ensuring the T2 remained a worthy competitor in the marketplace.

Though production of this particular model ended more than thirty years ago, many T2s are still on the roads today, and just like the 1976 example in question here, many have been converted into privately owned campers.

Surprisingly, this fire truck has covered just 25,000 miles (40,233 km) since new, and this is because it has spent a great part of its life stored inside a fire station. Consequently, it has been very well maintained and is presented in great condition.

Before starting work on the conversion, the current owner ordered a no-expense-spared service work, which involved gearbox oil change, new filters, axle oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze replacement. The fuel tank was cleaned, as were all brakes. The bodywork has also benefitted from a complete respray.

Apart from the distinctive red and white exterior, the private owner who made the conversion also decided to keep the roller side doors, black steel wheels, twin roof-mounted red flashing lights, and the front mounted spotlight.

Basically, the Mercedes-Benz T2 still looks very much like a fire truck at first glance, but when you open the doors, you are not welcomed by hoses and firefighting tools anymore. Instead, the side roller doors open to reveal a cozy living space with beautiful wood-paneled walls and a comfortable queen-sized bed.

Don't expect a modern mobile home with kitchen and bathroom facilities, though. It includes just the sleeping space and a lounging/dining area, but portable appliances could very well be added into the mix to increase the camper's functionality.

The double bed sits on a platform with under-the-bed storage space that extends the full width of the vehicle. A projector and screen allow you to watch movies in bed.

An L-shaped couch in the middle section of the truck provides additional sleeping space as it can convert into a double bed when needed. There is also a table for when you want to use the setting as a dining or lounging area.

Moreover, the division between the front cab, the middle section, and the back of the fire truck has been retained, ensuring full privacy when the owners go to sleep.

As for the driver's cab, the Mercedes-Benz T2 has a lefthand drive setup and seating for two. The vehicle features a dual fuel system, so it can run on either standard gasoline or LPG, and has a five-speed manual gearbox. Built-in lights and power sockets in the back are also part of the package.

This bespoke Mercedes-Benz T2 fire truck camper is set to go under the hammer with Historics Auctioneers, and the auction house mentions a price guide of £12,000-£20,000, which is around $14,970 – $24,864 at current exchange rates. 

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