You Can Own Ayrton Senna's Personal Honda NSX for $620,000

hace 3 semanas, 4 días - 24 abril 2024, motor1
You Can Own Ayrton Senna's Personal Honda NSX for $620,000
This Honda NSX was once owned by Formula 1 driver Aryton Senna, where he used it as a personal car in Portugal. Now you can own it.

Aryton Senna had a significant role in the development of the first-generation Honda NSX. The legendary Formula 1 driver put prototypes through the ringer, giving his feedback to engineers on how it could be better. Honda sent him some cars as part of the partnership, and now, one of those cars is for sale. You better have deep pockets, though.

This red 1991 Honda NSX recently appeared on AutoTrader in the UK, with a not-insignificant selling price of £500,000. That's approximately $622,000 with current exchange rates, well above the going price for low-mile examples in North America, where the NSX was branded under Acura.

Senna's history with the car is obviously a tremendous factor making this NSX special. According to the seller's description, this car was featured in several photos with the racing driver. Documentation featured in the photo gallery states the car was initially sent to Portugal for Senna's personal use. That's where the current owner, Robert McFagan, acquired it.

"I first bought the car in 2013 during a trip to the Algarve in Portugal and have owned it ever since where it has sat proudly at my estate in East Sussex," he said. "Senna’s red NSX was given to him by Honda whom he had a commercial partnership with and Senna frequently used and was photographed with the car during his stays in Portugal."

As for the actual car, the listing says it's done 39,100 miles. It's red with a black interior, and perusing the photos, it's presumably in great shape. The listing doesn't offer details on the car, other than to say Senna owned it and that it's already scheduled to be on display at the Senna Exhibition in Silverstone later in August. As such, the seller "would prefer the car to be collected after the exhibition closes." That might be a pretty neat time to take delivery of your new $622,000 Acura with ties to a proper racing legend.

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