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1972' Triumph TR6

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Couleur de la carrosserie: Noir
Électronique: Radio AM / FM

Ok, this car requires a full restoration, and will not be back on the road in a weekend !!!!!
I bought it recently, mainly because it is 42 numbers away from one of my other tr6's, and could well of been, built the same day......

BUT... reality has set in.. i have other projects on the go, and i could do with the space back.

So, its a genuine, home market CP series, 150bhp car, which are, by far, the most desirable model of the breed. It also left the factory with an overdrive gearbox..... but sadly it now has a non overdrive box fitted. It also left the factory, in, what is my opinion, one of the better colours.. damson.... the engine turns by hand..

The chassis is really good, the boot and bonnet are quite good as well... the worst parts of the car are the rear inner wings/ wheel arches, and the the usual floors and inner/ outer sills.
The drivers door and bonnet are just placed in position for the photos, and one bonnet hinge is missing

There are a number of parts missing.... i will list all the major parts... obviously things like carpet, and interior trim would be replaced anyway, so i wont list every item...
But.. there is no grille, front bumper, dash board, radio h console panel, gear/ lever, air box and bracket, radiator, small instruments, boot catch, front indicator/ sidelights/ headlights, seat belts, and there is only one injector !!!!!! The original seats are missing, but there is a pair of leather red/ black mgf seats with the car... not up to much though...

I have the soft top and frame, and several boxes of parts,....... if you think its missing please ask me....... oh the windscreen is cracked as well.....

So... a project, that needs a lot of work, but the most valuable and sort after variant.......

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  • Grande Bretagne
  • 1 Mai 2021