1950 MG TD Comes Back To Life After First Wash In 34 Years

il y a 2 années, 1 mois - 18 Avril 2022, motor1
1950 MG TD Comes Back To Life After First Wash In 34 Years
That was a lot of work but definitely worth it.

In the 1950s, MG produced around 30,000 TD Midget units. It's the fourth iteration of the T-Type body-on-frame roadster that the British marque started making in 1936. Over 23,000 units were exported to the US – and one of them ended up in a barn and stayed there for 34 years.

 As the title of this story suggests, this forgotten MG TD roadster made its way to Ammo NYC's workshop for a restoration job. Affectionately called Maggie, the car looked like a lot of work prior to the restoration, and the video will walk you through the process.

As the condition of the car wasn't at its best, the Ammo NYC team had to go through several processes to bring out the best in the aging, green MG. There were a lot of rusting parts and chipped-off paint, but at least the remaining ones were given a new life. Even the engine bay got a rigorous cleaning from Ammo NYC, and the result was day and night from its previous state.

Inside, the situation wasn't any better. The off-white dashboard was practically brown at the start of the detailing process, including the cool-looking gauge clusters. The soft-top was also given a special mousse to condition the material.

But what made this restoration special was that the car's owner is a father, who bought the car in July 1970 right after high school graduation. It was driven for 18 years before it was stored in a barn in 1988.

When new, the MG TD roadster is powered by a 1.3-liter inline-four engine, connected to a 4-speed manual transmission. It also has dual SU carburetors, which is something that a lot of British automakers use.

 We hope the father continues the mechanical restoration job and finds a renewed love for this roadster. Classic cars getting some love from their original owners are always a heartwarming sight.

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