1959 Porsche 356 Speedster By Emroy Motorsport Is Retro Perfection

20 Octobre 2019 - motor1

1959 Porsche 356 Speedster By Emroy Motorsport Is Retro Perfection

There wasn't actually a 356 Speedster in 1959. Emory Motorsport made it a reality.

Emory Motorsports specializes in creating amazing Porsche restomods, particularly using the 356 model as a starting point, and the company's latest project is the gorgeous 1959½ 356 Speedster.

This car didn't actually start as a 356 Speedster. It was originally a coupe, but a crash resulted in irreparable damage to the roof. From there, the company decided to convert the body into a speedster tribute. The original 356 Speedsters were available from 1954 to 1958.

"Porsche enthusiasts will notice that this build does not wear a 'Speedster' emblem. This is a nod to the car's coupé beginnings and to the idea that we are celebrating the best of what this car still had when we found it," company boss Rod Emory said in the new model's announcement.

Rather than this 356's original 1.6-liter flat four-cylinder engine, the speedster now packs a major upgrade with a 2.4-liter powerplant producing 205 horsepower (153 kilowatts). It runs through a four-speed manual. While this might not sound like a lot of power by modern standards, this Speedster weighs just 1,850 pounds (839 kilograms).

Since Emory's 356 has significantly more power than the original, the firm also overhauls the suspension. The setup is new independent at the rear, and there are adjustable Koni dampers. Custom brake rotors and calipers can handle the extra horsepower, too.

The Speedster looks fairly standard from the front, but there's now a hand-formed aluminum tonneau cover over the back. A single nacelle sits behind the driver's head. Emory shaves off the front hood handle, but the owner can still access the fuel filler through a hole in the panel. The body wears the color Aquamarine with a hand-painted Mobil Pegasus emblem on the driver side fender. It rides on a set of 15-inch wheels with a satin-black finish.

On the inside, occupants sit in seats that take styling inspiration from the original 356 Speedster, and they have Hydes Red leather upholstery.