1961 Porsche Junior 108 Tractor Is Looking for a New Owner

15 Septembre 2020 - autoevolution

1961 Porsche Junior 108 Tractor Is Looking for a New Owner

We associate Porsche with rear-engined sports cars and nimble SUVs, but the truth of the matter is, the German automaker is much more than that.

Ferdinand Porsche was obsessed with empowering the people, which is why the legendary engineer rolled out the Volks-Tractor in 1934.

The Porsche-Diesel line of tractors had to wait until the 1950s, though, and production ended in 1963. Four models were offered back then, ranging from the Junior we'll talk about today to the 50-hp Master.

Offered at auction on Bring a Trailer with a high bid of $14,000 at the time of reporting, the Junior 108 in the photo gallery is a 1961 model that's been overhauled by Mirek's European Auto Inc. in Oldsmar, Florida. A single-cylinder diesel with 822 cubic centimeters of displacement is hiding under the hood, connected to a dual-stage stick shift.

Rated at 14 horsepower when new, the air-cooled engine sends the suck-squeeze-bang-blow to cream-colored rear wheels complemented by 24-inch rubber shoes. A rollover bar, forward- and rear-facing power take-off units, a height-adjustable hitch, and a portal axle are featured, along with a Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw sticker on the air cleaner housing.

Chassis K13707G "is said to have spent time as part of the Kent Rawson Porsche Collection," and the seller is offering the tractor with a Florida bill of sale as well as German paperwork, period advertisements, as well as brochures. As opposed to modern tractors, this fellow features a sprung steel seat and no instrumentation whatsoever. It's a Spartan little thing, a typical design for a 1950s Europe that was recovering from the atrocities of WWII.

"This tractor starts, runs, and drives like brand-new" according to the seller. "The engine performs as expected without any blow-by, leaks, or mechanical issues of any kind, period. The transmission, the clutch.. there is no slipping, no chattering, no issues of any kind, period," he told BaT.

Given that concours-condition models are going for less than $20,000, don't expect bidding to get too wild. The Junior used to retail at about $1,750 in the U.S., translating to roughly $16,725 adjusted for inflation.