Grand Basel Show In Switzerland Looks Like Automotive Paradise

17 Septembre 2018 - motor1

Grand Basel Show In Switzerland Looks Like Automotive Paradise

From a Pagani to a beat-up Fiat Panda, the collection spans the entire breadth of cool automobiles.

Sorry, you missed the 2018 Grand Basel classic car show in Switzerland that just ended. However, we have over 100 photos of the amazing vehicles from the event that provide the next best thing to actually being there. This is an absolutely amazing collection of machines.

The Grand Basel show's organisers bill the event as "the ultimate global show for automotive masterpieces," and it's something quite different in the classic car scene. The vehicles have a museum-like display where they sit on brightly lit, stark white risers in an otherwise dark, space. The planners individually picked the 113 machines to display so that they ran the gamut from classic Italian exotics to giving the next-gen Tesla Roadster its European premiere. The resto-mod Lancia Delta Futurista also debuted there, and it brought the rally-bred hatchback up to modern standards with additions like carbon fiber body panels and reinforced transmission.

In a unique touch for shows like this, roughly a quarter of the vehicles on display were available for sale. So if a wealthy attendee falls in love with a car, they can potentially add it to the fleet in their own garage.

Start clicking through the gallery below to check out this amazing exhibition of vehicles. Highlights include machines like artist Pablo Picasso's Lincoln Continental. The Fiat 500 Spiaggina that reinterprets the old Fiat-500-based Jolly for a modern era is also there. Plus, the show includes a gorgeous Citroën-DS-based coupe.

If your interests lean more towards modern supercars, there are plenty of those, too, including models from Bugatti, Pagani, and Ferrari. On the other end of the automotive spectrum, the chairman of Grand Basel's advisory board decided to display a beat-up Fiat Panda 45. Another curator decided to display a collection of 1:87-scale models.