1968 Chevrolet Camaro Shows a Simple Restoration Is Best at Times

26 March 2020 - autoevolution

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Shows a Simple Restoration Is Best at Times

Over the past few months we've been keeping a close eye on car auctions taking place in the U.S. and elsewhere, convinced that it is there we would find incredible machines. And we were not wrong, case in point the flood of custom builds we've been presenting since the beginning of the year.

For Americans, it seems, custom builds usually means a lot of pickup trucks and muscle cars. And why shouldn't they, given the fact they are among the most sought after vehicles at such events?

As far as muscle cars go, we've seen quite a number of iterations, from close-to-stock builds of little appeal to the most extreme ones, like the Sinful Camaro we talked about at the beginning of the month.

Today, we're taking a closer look at another clean build, one that lacks the hardcore looks of heavily tuned machines, but retains the emotional appeal of the early generation Camaros.

We're talking about a 1968 model year Camaro, restored to its former glory and featuring only the most subtle touches when it comes to custom modifications.

The clean cut body, painted in a shiny shade of blue, hides a 10-bolt Chevrolet limited-slip rear axle, multi-leaf rear springs, and a Chevrolet 350 ci (5.7 liters) crate engine under the hood that develops 285 hp. They are sent to the ground by means of low-profile tires.

The interior is as simple as it was back in the day when the car was first built, with the seats wrapped in black leather and wood trim on the console and the center of the dashboard.

The Camaro as seen here was scheduled to go under the hammer during the Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach next month, but since the event was postponed to October on account of the coronavirus pandemic, it will probably to that in the fall.