Biggest Ever Porsche Gathering In Thailand Looks Like 911 Heaven

2 January 2018 - motor1

Biggest Ever Porsche Gathering In Thailand Looks Like 911 Heaven

The event is called Das Treffen, and it rocked Bangkok last weekend.

One Porsche 911 is cool. A bunch of 911s gathered at a Porsche meet transcends the boundaries of awesomeness, and that's exactly what happened last weekend in Bangkok. Called Das Treffen, the annual gathering is the largest Porsche meet in Thailand, and from what we can see in the above video and the photos Porsche posted on Facebook, it looks properly epic.

Technically, Das Treffen is open to all Porsches, as evidenced by the Panamera, classic 928, and vintage 356 we catch glimpses of, not to mention the oh-so-sweet 918 Spyder dressed in Martini livery. It's clear, however, that the 911 is the star of this particular event, and not just the latest model with all the bells and whistles. This looks to be a veritable air-cooled 911 celebration, with early Carreras sharing the spotlight with 930 Turbos, 964-Series cars, and even a few slant nose models in attendance. That's not to say the later water-cooled cars weren't welcome, but the gathering definitely has a classic vibe to it.

Porsche certainly has a very active and fiercely loyal following, especially when it comes to the air-cooled cars of the automaker's past. Luftgekühlt is a yearly gathering of air-only Porsches in California, with this year's event drawing in over 600 pre-registered cars. That doesn't include the many other attendees who elected to show up the day of the show, braving rainy weather to make the event something special. We don't have any official attendance numbers for Das Treffen, but the photos and video tell us it was certainly in the hundreds, with a good chunk of those showing up in some incarnation of the 911.