Le Mans 1960 Triumph TRS With Prototype Sabrina Engine Goes on Sale

9 December 2019 - autoevolution

Le Mans 1960 Triumph TRS With Prototype Sabrina Engine Goes on Sale

Every once in a while, auction houses or dealers list cars so unique few people knew still existed.

Cars like this 1960 Triumph TRS that saw action at Le Mans some 60 years ago.

The 1960s were the glory days of endurance racing, with more than a fair share of momentous achievements taking place. Le Mans itself was so famous that almost everybody wanted a piece of the action.

For the Brits, the race was particularly important, especially at a time when other, foreign names were dominating the racing scene. And one of the brands that tried its luck at upsetting the natural order on the French circuit was Triumph.

In 1960 and 1961, a trio of Triumph TRS cars took to the track in an attempt to make a name for themselves. In their first run, they failed miserably, as none of them covered the minimum distance required to be honored with a distinction.

The second time around though they manage to place 9th, 11th and 15th, landing the manufacturer the team prize. Now, one of them is for sale at the hands of a specialist dealer called Pendine Historic Cars.

This particular car, dubbed 927 HP, is powered by a Sabrina prototype engine specifically developed by the Triumph Competition department, one that never got to be mass-produced. It has rarely been used since the Le Mans entry, as the car spent most of its time across the ocean, in the hands of several American owners.

The man who is currently selling it purchased the car in 2008 and restored it, including by rebuilding the powerplant.

Now back to its former glory, the Triumph is listed as for sale with a sticker that reads £295,000.

"This fantastic historic sports car is an access all areas invite to the top motorsport events, no doubt welcome at the Goodwood Revival and, of course, Le Mans Classic," said in a statement Jonny Shears, from Pendine Historic Cars.

"We believe that in the right hands, 927 HP would be a highly competitive entry in current historic motor racing. A post war British sports car, the provenance and performance certainly encompass it all."