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1940' Ford

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Пробег: 52626 км
Трансмиссия: Ручная

This 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe is feels like it has a story to tell. It has a swoopy style, lacquer paint, and a small block V8, and so it feels a bit like the base of a hot rod that was frozen in time. Theres something going on with this coupe. The red paint is a later application done in classic lacquer. It has aged-in to have a true classic look. So it makes you think was someone was maybe working on a bold red for a street machine. Even the suspension is lowered a bit. But this certainly has not been altered drastically in any way yet. So we really like how this one just looks like it has a history to tell without sacrificing any of the stock body details. However, you may just be looking at this and thinking about making it into either a great classic cruiser or maybe going to a full-on hot rod. Thats the kind of things a value price like this does. After all, the has all the best design elements of the pre-war era. Fords sharply-pointed V chrome grille, teardrop headlight bezels, swoopy fenders, two-piece wheel trim w/whitewalls, and the long trunk silhouette of a business-style coupe. So these always stay in-demand. The interior is just the best in pure classic style. So youll love the details, like the striped cloth on the seats that have the ribbed pattern in the middle that matches the door panels. And the headliner is particularly nice in this one. Youll slip behind the classic dual-spoke steering wheel and really feel the vintage vibe from the sharp and classic full package. Plus, fans of the Deluxe Coupe also know that only the right few cars correctly get the jump seats in the rear. Under the hood is more of that hint of modification. After all, theres now a Chevy powerhouse in this Ford. It hasnt been done to full moonshiner hot rod standards, but we just know some of you understand just how easy it is to really increase the power of a 350 cubic-inch V8. Regardless, today it makes for a nice upgrade just because its a fresher powerhouse that offers worthwhile features like an alternator. And features like the column-shifted three-speed manual transmission and stock Ford suspension make sure this one still feels like a true classic out on the road. This all-steel 40 Ford Deluxe has a ton of appeal today, and the right value to get it ready for whatever you want to do tomorrow. Call today!!!

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  • Georgia
  • 30 января 2021