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1963' Ford Falcon

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Пробег: 123668 км
Трансмиссия: Автоматическая

With a cool full blue appearance, V8 power and the desirable hardtop profile, this 1963 Ford Falcon Futura is a stylish classic coupe offered for quite an attractive price. The Ford Falcon has matured into a well-proportioned classic that also knows how to add the right flair. This is especially seen on the top of the line Futura trim. Its premium status means this Falcon is dressed to impress with stylish upgrades like and the dual bombsight fender ornaments up front, and the side has full-length trim that looks like an arrow pointing this coupe forward. This also has a bit of a sporty attitude everywhere with the upgraded mag-style wheels and the way the bumper is notched so you get an even better look at the afterburner-like tail lights. The blue paint has room for improvement, and so the value price lets you have room in your budget to give this one a personal touch. But from day one, this Falcon delivers a solid, straight, and complete appearance. The sea of blue continues inside. The front bucket seats with a center console in-between is another reminder of the Falcon Futuras upper-level trim. It has a vintage style everywhere you look, right down to the correct trunk mat. And we love the trim details, like the way the dash brightwork wraps around to the doors, and theres the correct insignias in the seatbacks. And because this is a V8 coupe, its quite fun to roll down all the windows on this pillarless hardtop and listen to the dual exhausts tune as you cruise around town. Those who know the Falcons history will get excited at the engine bay. The V8 was only offered at the very end of the first generations run in 1963, and it hinted at the cool cars with big power potential that were just around the corner. So its great to see this one upgraded to the correct 260 cubic-inch displacement. The motor fires up readily as it inhales deeply with a four-barrel carburetor, and the dual exhaust lets the V8 exhale with a nice hum. And because this is a coupe youre going to want to drive, it also comes with good features like an automatic transmission, wide modern tires, and front disc brakes. This is the affordable and interesting hardtop classic thats proving to be a fine deal. So dont miss out, call today!

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  • Georgia
  • 24 апреля 2021