Emory Motorsports 'Allrad' is an all-weather Porsche 356 restomod

25 февраля 2019 - Autoblog

Emory Motorsports 'Allrad' is an all-weather Porsche 356 restomod

1964 Porsche 356C body hides 1990 911 internals and a manually-adjustable torque split

Any cyclists in the audience who appreciate high-zoot custom bicycle frames will know the name Independent Fabrications. The New Hampshire bike maker has fashioned steel and titanium rigs and wild paint jobs for 24 years. It is little surprise that when the company's owner wanted a custom classic Porsche that could climb up to East Coast pistes in the winter, he went to Emory Motorsports. What resulted is the Allrad, which puts a 1964 356C body over internals from a 1990 964-series Porsche 911 C4S.

The effort took four years to construct. Rod Emory wanted to maintain the suspension hardpoints from the 964, which required cutting and stretching. He shortened the 911's center tunnel to match the wheelbase of the 356C, widened the vintage body's rear haunches to fit the 911's rear track, and inserted adjustable K&W coilover shocks at all four corners.

The Allrad keeps the 1990 five-speed manual transmission. In this application it sends power through differentials with manually-adjustable torque splits. Dials inside can send power fore and aft, and left and right independently. The 964 brakes hide behind custom 16-inch powder-coated wheels wearing Pirelli Ice Zero rubber.

A 356C body drenched in Graphite Blue Metallic also gets a flattened hood without the expected grab handle, a competition fuel filler, a louvered decklid, yellow-tinted headlights and body-colored rally light housings. Up top, a special roof rack holds onto the drip rails with 3D-printed titanium clamps. The Allrad's owner, no stranger to working with titanium, welded the clamps to the rails himself.

A 200-horsepower, 2.4-liter Emory-Rothsport "Outlaw-4" flat-four hangs out back. Dual Weber 48 IDA carbs feed a cast-aluminum block, spent fuel evacuated through custom headers and a stainless steel muffler.

The RS-style driver's seat appears to indicate the Allrad won't be just for show. The passenger sits in a Speedster-style seat, both thrones done in green leather. A removable roll cage and four-point harnesses add safety, the Momo Heritage steering wheel and the Tilton pedal assembly add performance, and the green square-weave carpet and Outlaw shift knob add beauty. The 2,150-pound curb weight adds the perfect lightweight final touch.