This French Guy Found His '73 Camaro In The Desert On The Way To Vegas

17 сентября 2017 - Carbuzz

This French Guy Found His '73 Camaro In The Desert On The Way To Vegas

Let's just say he hit the jackpot.

This isn't the first time we've learned of a classic American V8 muscle car winning the heart of a European typically accustomed to smaller cars and engines. It certainly won't be the last. Meet Gabriel Henaut, a Frenchman who learned auto mechanics and an overall do-it-yourself attitude from his father, and the star of this new video from Petrolicious. It's served him well in adulthood. For years, Henaut had a passion for the MK1 Volkswagen Golf, and he's restored many of them over the years.

Four-cylinders were his thing, too, and the idea of an American V8 was little more than fantasy. Or is it? A few years ago, Henaut travelled with a friend and fellow car nut to the US. Their specific destination was Los Angeles, and because they were nearby, a trip to Las Vegas was in order, too.

It was while on the desert and barren highway did the two make a discovery. While stopping for gas, they happened upon an old Chevrolet Nova parked nearby. That particular car wasn't for either of them, but its owner soon brought the pair to a nearby garage where many other classic American cars were parked. One of those was a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro SS. That's the car that caught Henaut's eye and his heart. Before he knew it, he bought the car and arranged for it to be shipped back to France, and the rest is history. Henaut basically hit the jackpot even before arriving Vegas. Well done.