Guy Selling Land With 340 Rusting Classics For $1.5M, Where Do I Sign?

31 марта 2017 - motor1

Guy Selling Land With 340 Rusting Classics For $1.5M, Where Do I Sign?

It’s already zoned for salvage and comes with a restoration shop to wrench on those beauties.

You work hard for your money, and you're positively fanatical when it comes to cars. After years of 15-hour work days – or perhaps a few shrewd business deals – you've got a cool $1.45 million that you can't wait to spend on an epic hypercar, perhaps something from Ferrari or Pagani. With the new Bugatti Chiron becoming all the rage, perhaps you can even find a slightly used Veyron to fit your budget.

Forget that. You want to buy this five-acre parcel of land in British Columbia, Canada. It's comfortably rural and offers a smashing great view of the Canadian Rockies. It has a 900 square-foot restoration shop and a 1,200 square foot steel building. And oh yeah, it comes with well over 300 cars, mostly of the vintage-and-awesome variety. Granted, most appear to be in less than stellar condition, but that's what the restoration shop is for.

According to Driving, the current owner of this automotive mecca is 60-year old Mike Hall, who also goes by the curious nickname Rasta Blasta due to his career as a rock scaler, and the dreadlocks that hang from his head. His job keeps him away for months on end, and as the money piles up he spends it on cars. He estimates there are around 340 on the property, and that number continues to rise.

Looking through the photos you'll notice this outdoor collection of autos isn't exactly what you would call concours. The land is zoned for auto salvage, and Hall does handle restoration work when he's not blasting rocks off of mountainsides. And while some of the cars in the photos looks pretty rough, there are all kinds of gems to be found. A keen eye will spot two-door Chevy Nomad wagons, a plethora of vintage Mopar muscle, at least one AMC AMX, and a row of Sunbeams that Hall wants to restore someday.

Is it worth $1.5 million? The listing has been up for several months now with no takers. If you divide the sale price by just the cars, you get $4,400 per car. Some are surely worth a mere fraction of that, but others are certainly worth more, never mind the value of the property and buildings. For someone seeking a turn-key auto boneyard with facilities for restoration, this could be the vintage find of a lifetime.