Jeep Wrangler Gets Classic Car Makeover, Stands Out Like a Sore Thumb

17 сентября 2019 - autoevolution

Jeep Wrangler Gets Classic Car Makeover, Stands Out Like a Sore Thumb

Remember when modding Wranglers was all about taking the go-anywhere Jeep spirit further with lift kits and winches?

Well, apparently the owner of the 'Rangler sitting before us decided to be different at all costs. And his costs were rather high, as you can easily notice in the few images portraying the contraption.

The Jeep has been completely overhauled on a visual level and it's amazing how much of a change the somewhat limited "body kitL" has made - pixel tip to Charles Thornburg of the ‎Y U RUNE KLASSIK? Facebook group for the pics of the creature.

Sure, the real estate covered by the transmoation is not to be ignored, but it's not difficult to achieve this with only a few, large fiberglass pieces. Plus the bumpers, of course.

The 1940s vibe is strong with this one, whether we're talking about the fenders, the radiator grille or the headlights. Heck, even the spare wheel was gifted with a cover that falls withing the spirit of the transformation.

Of course, if we zoom in on the Jeep family tree, we notice the Willys CJ listed for the 1940s era. But, once again, we have to keep in mind that the owner of this Wrangler wanted to stray far from the pack.

Speaking of the Willys CJ and modern times, the patent deals from that era saw Indian automotive producer Mahindra gaining direct access to the formula.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Mahindra started producing the Roxor in the US. Even though the resemblance to the Jeeps of the old days is striking, the Roxor is classified as an offroad-only side-by-side, which means this is only road-legal in certain states and is generally not allowed on the highway.

Oh, and if you're not sure how to feel about the Mahindra Roxor, perhaps the special build coming to SEMA this November can add some spice to the whole thing.