Porsche Cayman Does Its Best 356 Impression In Jay Leno's Garage

13 октября 2017 - motor1

Porsche Cayman Does Its Best 356 Impression In Jay Leno's Garage

What a way to mix classic looks and modern motoring.

As classic, air-cooled Porsche prices continue to balloon into the stratosphere, there seems to be a growing trend towards making the modern models look more like their vintage predecessors. This week on Jay Leno's Garage, West Coast Customs brings the result of Frankensteining a 356 together with a Cayman. If you want it, the one-off is already for sale.

West Coast Customs' client had 356 in extremely rough shape, and a Cayman that he was willing to chop up. The build team sliced up the modern Porsche and widened the 356 body panels to fit on top.

The result of this extensive work is a roadster that looks like a 356 that enjoys eating schnitzel a little too much. The widening distorts the proportions to the extent that you can tell something is different but without destroying the original lines.

If the weather is a little chilly, the owner can put a fixed roof into place. It's quite an attractive piece and manages to copy a 356 coupe very well. In essence, this is the best of both worlds: a roadster for nice days and a hardtop for a less windy ride.

Other than the new body, this is largely a standard Cayman. The drivetrain comes directly from Porsche's modern coupe, and West Coast Customs' keeps all the computers in place, so the car still has modern features like ABS and cruise control.

Inside, West Coast Customs overhauls the cabin to be a mix of retro and modern. Light brown leather upholstery, seats with no headrests, and a new steering wheel evoke the past. However, occupants still have modern amenities like an infotainment system and air conditioning.

If you're in the market for a unique vehicle like this, then West Coast Customs is selling this one-off. The client who commissioned it decided that the car wasn't right for him since he has kids now. That guy's loss could be your gain.

For a different take on this idea, check out Stärke's line Revolution Speedsters, which offers a fiberglass body kit for the 1997 to 2012 Boxster.