RUF Releases 80th Anniversary YouTube Video

4 мая 2020 - motor1

Here's to 80 more years of RUF.

Legendary Porsche manufacturer RUF is celebrating its 80th anniversary with an extensive documentary that looks back on 80 years of Porsche excellence. What started out as an unexpected passion project quickly turned into a full-fledged Porsche manufacturing center where RUF was able to inject its unique spin on contemporary Porsche models. Today we remember the roots of RUF and look towards the future of this exciting Porsche icon.

RUF started out after Alois Ruf Sr. purchased a crashed Porsche 356 he restored in his shop after witnessing its crash. When a Porsche enthusiast offered to purchase that very 356, the idea of moving towards more Porsche restorations took hold. This initial interaction eventually led to full-scale manufacturing of Porsche based vehicles that continue to this day.

RUF made its mark on the world of cars with the release of their viral "Faszination" video which featured the legendary Yellow Bird Porsche 911 Turbo. This video featured a RUF Yellow Bird drifting around the Nurburgring with sensational camera work. Today we are used to viral automotive videos shot by drones but in the 1980s this was unheard of and made a mark on the entire automotive world.

Since the iconic RUF Yellow Bird, RUF continues its tradition of building some of the most unique Porsche products. RUF is considered an OEM in Germany so all of its vehicles are true RUF products on their registration rather than modified Porsches.

RUF's attention to detail and desire to cater to niche Porsche customers holds true today. For true Porsche enthusiasts, the subtle improvements and driving dynamics of a RUF product is the elevated Porsche driving experience they desire. As the future sees more electronic driver aids and automation, RUF is here to preserve the pure analog Porsche driving experience cherished by so many.