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1972' Ford J7

  • 1972 Ford J7 в Франция
  • 1972 Ford J7 в Франция - 2
Тип: Грузовой пикап

Peugeot J7 from 1972, registration VASP (Vehicules automoteurs spécialisés) certified in November 2018.

The fitting-out allows to cook and wait on customers easily

The rear axle can be opened in order to create, along with the removable countertop, a user-friendly space where customers can sit down. This configuration allows to reduce the equipment needed and the motion needed for roving services, and offers an original place for tastings and private events.

On board equipment
Refrigerated sidetable IBERNA (tropicalisée), three doors, 400 litres
Refrigerated display Teka.
Airlux Ventilated gas oven.
Gas plancha with removable frontal grease collection tray
Sink with knee control
2 inox shelves and 1 wooden shelf, other layout possibilities on demand (no extra)
Compartment for two gas bottles (accessible from outside)
Removable bar at the rear of the vehicle.
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